Some Important instructions for online lessons
1. We must be punctual. Once time is set we have to follow it, and write Salam on Skype or join the meeting on Zoom or just call the teacher when it is time for your lesson..
2. If you are not available for the lesson you must inform the teacher at least 3 or 4 hours before the agreed time.
3. Failure to attend the lesson while the teacher was available will be counted as an attended class and the teacher will not be responsible to rearrange it.
4. If you are late to attend the class without prior information then the ending time of the lesson will remain the same because the teacher is already booked for the next  lesson after you.
5. If the teacher missed the class because of personal reasons then he will be responsible to rearrange it.
6. The lesson missed due to connection problems either side will be rearranged insha Allah.
7. The lesson should be one to one, no one is allowed to interfere during the lesson, if parents have any objections or advise it should be after the lesson or after an appointment separately.
8. The lesson must be in a quiet environment. Parents should provide separate place to the kids for the lesson.